In Wednesday’s (3/18) Philadelphia Bulletin, Andrea K. Hammer writes, “To dig each other out of the current economic morass, a fundamental integration of the arts and business worlds is urgently needed. Instead of segregating each into right- and left-brain domains relegated to work versus leisure time, these two equally important elements must finally be united into one forceful whole. Artists know how to look at the world—and problem solve—with fresh eyes. If businesses regularly invited photographers, crafters and writers to participate in brainstorming sessions and hold employee workshops, some new solutions and strategies might arise. For example, an ‘artist-in-residence’ program—featuring rotating artists—could provide businesses with unexplored alternatives for deeply entrenched and ineffective practices. In exchange, business employees could share their technical expertise—from bookkeeping to technology—with artists who often prefer to focus on the creative process.” Hammer notes the examples of Pilobolus, the company of “dancer-athletes who loop themselves into interwoven body sculptures,” and who offer workshops on group creativity to businesses.
Posted March 20, 2009