In Sunday’s (2/22) Star Tribune (Minneapolis), Graydon Royce notes the ability modern technology has to link people across the globe in “real time,” listing Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Blogspot, and Live Journal. “The Minnesota Orchestra, founded when the telegraph was considered instant communication, has harnessed the new technology to keep people abreast of the group’s European tour, which begins Tuesday. Music director Osmo Vänskä will lead the orchestra through eight cities—including über-significant London, Berlin and Vienna—with soloist Joshua Bell. … Twin Citians will have a greater sense of the tour than ever before, as musicians wend through England, Germany, Luxembourg and Austria over 10 days. Technology has increased the capacity of the ‘e-tour,’ which intends to bring Europe and the musicians to your computer. Formerly known as the ‘virtual tour,’ the link will post videos of the orchestra in preparation for concerts, photos of musicians sightseeing and brief dissertations on cultural traditions in the cities where they perform.”