Andy Akiho has won the American Composer Orchestra’s $15,000 Underwood Emerging Composer Commission for a work to be premiered during the 2015-16 season. He was chosen this past June at the ACO’s Underwood New Music Readings, when his Tarnished Mirrors—his first non-concerto work for orchestra—was read and workshopped. ACO Music Director George Manahan said, “When the musicians of ACO and I performed Andy Akiho’s Tarnished Mirrors, we discovered a work of intense pulse—music with syncopations, cross-rhythms, and metric modulations. His clarity of orchestration reflected a deep understanding of idiomatic writing for the individual instruments and an original palette of colors.” The Audience Choice Award at the Underwood New Music Readings in June went to Kyle Peter Rotolo for his Apophis. Rotolo will compose an original mobile-phone ringtone that will be available to everyone who voted.

Posted September 16, 2014