“The Alexandria Symphony Orchestra will officially return to in-person performances with an hour-long program at Alexandria’s 272nd birthday celebration on July 10 on the waterfront,” writes James Cullum in Wednesday’s (6/16) ALXnow (Alexandria, VA). “ ‘We’re really excited to be there for the community,’ Melinda Kernc, ASOs director of development and marketing, confirmed…. The program … has been shortened to an hour … and to discourage crowds there also won’t be cannon fire punctuating … Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture … Last year’s event, which usually attracts tens of thousands of visitors to Old Town, was held virtually. ASO will also return for their first full season of shows starting the first weekend in October with Beethoven’s 9th Symphony at … Northern Virginia Community College Alexandria (NOVA). The symphony will release their upcoming show schedule in the next couple of weeks…. There will be five separate shows between October and April … at NOVA and … George Washington National Masonic Memorial…. ‘We’ll continue to do community events when we can,’ Kernc said. ‘We’ll also continue to do some kind of virtual event… We reached over 2,000 people with our Christmas performance, and that’s a bigger audience than our largest venue.’ ”