In Sunday’s (2/22) Denver Post, Kyle MacMillan writes about the distribution of the $50 million portion of the federal stimulus package earmarked for the arts. “The day after President Barack Obama signed the bill in Denver last week, representatives of more than 200 arts organizations nationwide took part in a ‘webinar’ organized by Americans for the Arts. But details were scarce. Victoria Hutter, a spokeswoman for the National Endowment for the Arts, which is responsible for distributing the $50 million, said the agency hopes to post funding guidelines in early or mid-March. … What is known so far is that 40 percent of the stimulus money for the arts will go to state arts agencies and the country’s six regional arts agencies, including the Western States Arts Federation. They will then redistribute those allocations via their existing funding channels. … The timeline for money reaching arts organizations is unclear. Robert L. Lynch, president of Americans of the Arts, believes allocations could begin in a few months, because the NEA already has an efficient distribution process in place.”