In Tuesday’s (2/24) Star Tribune (Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota), Randy A. Salas relates how fellow fans of classical music warned him against using iTunes and the iPod. “Fire up the managing software for the iPod, and the reason becomes clear,” he writes. “iTunes’ default settings are fine-tuned for rock, not Bach. … But with just a few tweaks and some tips, you can turn your iPod and iTunes into classical companions. Here’s how you can better organize your classical collection, find high-quality downloads online, and get music cheaply or even for free. Before you do anything else, add a composer field to your iTunes music listings. (To do this, click on View in the menu bar, then View Options, and check the Composer box.) This will make your listening life immeasurably easier. Once you sync your iPod afterward, you’ll be able to access your music by composer, an essential feature for any classical fan.” Salas also points out that many classical artists are tagged wrongly in the iTunes database, so one should make sure to change these tags when downloading from the iTunes store or ripping from a CD.