José-Luis Novo, music director of the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra in Maryland, is a contributing author to Practicing Sustainability, a recently published hardcover and e-book from Springer that features contributions from a variety of leaders in the arts, sciences, business, and health sectors. Novo’s chapter, “Recycling Reinvented: Music and Sustainability,” was inspired by a 2010-11 ASO concert program about the practice of artistic recycling in compositions by Brahms and Rachmaninoff, exploring how they and other artists expand upon traditions inherited from previous generations to create new works. Among the book’s other 45 chapters is one by art historian and curator Jane Milosch, “Beyond the Status Quo: Catalyzing Sustainability in the Arts”; other topics covered include medical equipment, food, healthcare costs, and energy. More information on the book is available here.

Posted January 10, 2013