The Apple Music Classical app and a familiar composer. Image courtesy of Apple.

“Apple Music already has a selection of classical music for all the folks still hung up on the melodies of Beethoven or Bach, but the app offers little for any music lovers looking to engage in any new compositions in the long-form, classical style,” writes Kyle Barr in Thursday’s (3/9) Gizmodo. “After about two years of work, Apple’s finally got the answer for classical fans, and it’s coming in the form of a full, separate app. On Thursday, Apple put its new Apple Music Classical app up for preorder. The app touts that it’s free as long as you subscribe to Apple Music. Thousands of songs should be spatial audio capable and all the music is ad-free. The slated release date is March 28 and it requires iOS 15.4 or later. An Android version is also ‘coming soon’ … Apple touts that this new app contains 5 million tracks from both new and old composers … The app will also have composer biographies and descriptions of some pieces. The search function is also geared specifically for classical compositions … The music streaming app also purports to have curated playlists and ‘thousands of exclusive albums.’ ”