A news item posted Sunday (3/8) on the website for the Fox 8 news channel (Greensboro, North Carolina) states, “ ‘We have some resolution … not the one we wanted, but here we are,’ admits Cameron Peck. After a week of searching, the body of her husband Russell Peck, was found Sunday morning in the woods near Guilford Military Park. According to Cameron, a neighbor found his body then called her family before telling police. The 64-year-old had been missing since March 1, when his wife said he went out for a walk. Peck’s best-known works include ‘The Glory and the Grandeur,’ a percussion trio concerto; ‘Signs of Life,’ written for string orchestra; and ‘The Thrill of the Orchestra,’ a narrated orchestral instrument demonstration piece that has been translated into six different languages. According to his Web site, Peck’s ‘Peace Overture’ was among the first serious contemporary American orchestral works played in the People’s Republic of China. … Police have not released any information on his disappearance or how he died.”
Posted March 9, 2009