”At most concerts, it’s a traditional band or a singer that’s the big draw. For the Boston Typewriter Orchestra, it’s the typewriters,” reports Levan Reid in Tuesday’s (7/26) CBS Boston. “They use old-style typewriters to give them their rhythmic tone. ‘We call them instruments, some people call them office machines, some people call them sculptures,’ Orchestra member Chris Keene told WBZ-TV. ‘It’s got a limited range of sounds, so you really have to work at what you are trying to extract out of it.’ So how does a group like this even get started? ‘We came together in the beginning as a bunch of weirdos that kind of liked to bang on typewriters and, for one reason or the other, we were obsessed with making noises on typewriters,’ said member Alex Holman. ‘Once we realized we were trying to entertain an audience, not just having a laugh, banging like monkeys on typewriters, I think it just really started to jell,’ member James Brockman told WBZ. The orchestra’s popularity is on the rise. They’re back in business after the pandemic, playing live at parties…. The Boston Typewriter Orchestra does one or two gigs a month.”