Gary Liebst, recently named conductor of the Conroe Symphony Orchestra in Texas.

The Conroe Symphony Orchestra hired Gary Liebst as its new director Aug. 21 ahead of its 25th season,” writes Peyton MacKenzie in Tuesdays (1/31) Community Impact (Texas).  Liebst spoke with Community Impact … about his new role. The Conroe Symphony after COVID[-19] transitioned with several conductors; they held on in a beautiful way that whole time with no income…. I went to their first concert in fall of 2021 just as a spectator, and what happened was the president of the board, Judge Kathleen Hamilton, got on the stage and said … Welcome back from COVID; its so nice to be here in person. We are looking for a conductor.… I auditioned and interviewed and got the job…. This orchestra is funded a lot by the city of Conroe, Montgomery County, grants and some ticket sales. Ticket sales are important, and I dont want to downplay that, but the funding comes from a variety of sources. And just maintaining those sources of income is really important…. Whats established here by the previous conductors is excellent, and I would just like to maintain that…. You always hope that you provoke an emotion out of the audience.”