“October 19 marks the opening of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center’s 2021-22 season, with Alice Tully Hall welcoming audiences back after 18 months,” writes Susan Elliott in Wednesday’s (4/5) Musical America (subscription required). “The 52-year-old CMS will make up for losses during to the pandemic, both of wages to its artists and of programs to its public…. Artists whose concerts were postponed last season received 50 percent of their fees at the time. Rescheduled to this season, those concerts will pay those same artists 75 percent of their full fee, for a total of 125 percent. Programs lost to Covid-19 include, among others, the conclusion of the Society’s ‘Milestones’ series, now part of the group’s Winter Festival, which runs February 4-March 29 and includes” works by Schoenberg, Messiaen, and Shostakovich. “Scheduled across the Tully Hall season are 94 works in 30 concerts, with the Society’s typically active touring schedule to be announced as post-pandemic guidelines dictate…. Over the last 18 months, apart from maintaining contact with its own audiences through online and occasional outdoor performances, CMS also partnered with more than 60 North American chamber music presenters to offer archived material.”