In Friday’s (4/22) Post and Courier (Charleston, S.C.), Thad Moore reports on live-streaming at the Charleston Symphony Orchestra. “For the first time in its history, the orchestra’s [April 23] performance will be streamed live online, so anyone anywhere can watch Saturday’s performance inside the Gaillard Center.… Michael Smith, CSO’s executive director, said he hopes that by live-streaming concerts, the orchestra will grow its reputation across the country and give people who might not buy a ticket a chance to watch a symphony.… It will give children a chance to watch musicians perform … and the stream will be offered Saturday to patients at Medical University Hospital.” Plans “haven’t been finalized, but the orchestra expects to stream about half of its eight Masterworks concerts next year.” With orchestral concert streaming, “bigger cities have so far dominated the concept, said Celeste Wroblewski, spokeswoman for the League of American Orchestras. ‘We think that this is going to be happening increasingly as orchestras look for new ways to connect with their audiences,’ Wroblewski said.… For the most part, even those who have tried streaming have broadcast performances only infrequently. The primary exception has been the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, which started its streaming program in 2011.”

Posted April 25, 2016