A report on the news site Huliq states, “The Charlotte [North Carolina] Symphony Orchestra hopes to turn challenges into opportunities in its 2009-10 season. Striving to rein in costs, Charlotte Symphony will spotlight musicians on way up next season. The Charlotte Symphony Orchestra faces the same recession as the rest of us, on top of financial troubles that began six years ago. The group has yet to hire a conductor to take over after Christof Perick steps down as music director next spring. Perick, whose tenure was originally supposed to end this spring, will be on hand for only four sets of concerts. But a cost-conscious orchestra can go for promising young soloists and conductors who aren’t as expensive as veterans, executive director Jonathan Martin said. … The Charlotte Symphony Orchestra also will introduce some of its music lovers to a new experience in early October. After producing a couple of special concerts this season with multimedia additions—such as a video montage from the movie ‘On the Waterfront’ linked to Leonard Bernstein’s music—the orchestra will bring multimedia to the main series for the first time.”

Posted May 15, 2009