As part of a collaboration with the Cleveland Museum, The Cleveland Orchestra will perform two “California Masterworks” concerts at the museum’s Gartner Auditorium featuring pieces by groundbreaking composers from California. The May 1 concert will include the posthumous world premiere of Dane Rudhyar’s Out of the Darkness (1982), as well as Henry Cowell’s Sinfonietta (1928) and Lou Harrison’s Suite for Violin and String Orchestra, with soloist Stephen Rose, the Cleveland Orchestra’s principal second violin. The Calder Quartet will join the orchestra for a May 3 program featuring Terry Riley’s The Sands, a concerto for string quartet, plus James Tenney’s Clang and John Adams’s Shaker Loops. At a post-concert performance on May 3, John Cage’s HPSCHD—scored for up to seven harpsichords, 51 reel tapes, and 90 slide carousels—will run continuously in the museum’s Ames Family Atrium from 9 to 11 p.m. Also part of “California Masterworks” are three films, which will be screened on April 26 and 28: Lou Harrison: A World of Music, a new documentary directed by Eva Soltes, and two films with music by Terry Riley: Bruce Conner’s experimental 1976 film Crossroads, and Music With Balls, a 1969 television film featuring abstract visuals. 

Posted April 24, 2013