In Wednesday (1/30) Gazette (Colorado Springs), Ned B. Hunter writes, “The Colorado Springs Philharmonic is looking for business owners and corporate sponsors who understand the harmony between the arts and a growing economy. Site selectors and corporate officials who seek cities for locations and expansions often cite amenities such as parks and professional and amateur sports teams as a benefit to attracting and keeping quality employees. They also look to the arts, said David Mize, president of the investment firm Valley Co. … The Philharmonic has spent the past five years resurrecting itself through the growth of individual and season ticket sales, said Nathan Newbrough, president. Now, through a new initiative titled Business Partners, he wants to increase the Philharmonic’s business sponsorships to help secure not only the symphony’s future but the future of Colorado Springs business. Newbrough said the symphony is a point of pride that helps draw and keep businesses in the community, even though there are those who will ‘never darken the doors’ of the Pikes Peak Center for the Performing Arts. … A study by the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region through the Americans for the Arts stated the symphony attracts about $7 million in local spending annually through the purchase of meals, gas, lodging and other purchases, Newbrough said.”

Posted January 31, 2013