“Based on information directly received from artists and indie labels, as well as various published sources, we can rank streaming music services according to their per-stream rate,” writes Daniel Sanchez in Thursday’s (7/1) Digital Music News. “With Microsoft’s Groove Music shutting down, Napster became king of streaming music service payouts…. On average, Napster now pays out $0.019 per stream.  To meet the monthly minimum wage amount in the US of $1,472, an artist would need 77,474 total plays…. Napster remains a profitable streaming music service…. Jay-Z’s streaming music platform, TIDAL … reportedly paid out $0.0125 [per stream]…. Artists on Apple Music would need around 147,200 plays to earn the US monthly minimum wage amount…. French-based streaming music service Deezer … [pays] $0.0064…. As with Napster, Apple, and Google, Amazon closely guards its user metrics. Earlier this year, The Trichordist found Amazon paid indie artists $0.0074 per play. That number has now plummeted to $0.00402…. Spotify pays most artists between $.003 and $.005 … for each stream.… Pandora [pays] artists $0.00133 on Pandora Premium….. YouTube [now pays] artists $0.00069. To earn the monthly minimum wage amount in the US, artists will need around 2,133,333 total plays on YouTube.”