Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra Concertmaster Holly Mulcahy writes in a December 29 post at her blog Inside the Arts, “Nobody wants to feel out of place when they go to a symphony concert, yet so many patrons wonder if what they are wearing will be acceptable. As helpful and welcoming the orchestras try to be by inviting patrons to wear what they want and emphasizing to come in what is comfortable, many people still want to feel like they are fitting in.… If you are the type of person who needs an idea of what to wear, are concerned you will be over or underdressed, or want some kind of guideline, I’ve come up with a simple guide.” Among her suggestions: “Regular Evening Concerts: Women: Dressier pants or skirt and blouse, or a dress. Men: Dressier jeans with a blazer or trousers with dress shirt.… Consider Concert Type: A pops concert is not going to be as formal as a regular classical symphony evening…. Own Your Look: Wearing what you want is fine, just stand up straight, look like you meant to dress exactly that way, and walk with purpose.”

Posted January 8, 2015