Louisville Orchestra Music Director Teddy Abrams “has spent his entire career redefining what it means to be a conductor,” writes Paul Hodgins in Tuesday’s (11/9) Voice of OC (Orange County, CA). “ ‘It’s about so much more than simply appearing in front of your orchestra. You have to be a vital part of your community as well,’ said Abrams, 34 … who will be guest conducting the Pacific Symphony Nov. 11-13…. Early in the pandemic, Abrams organized ‘Lift Up Lou,’ collaborating with Louisville’s mayor to offer the city’s residents live and shareable musical content and presenting innovative ideas to help people stay connected. Abrams also organized a session that brought … Louisville’s … musicians to record a collaborative song called ‘Lift Up Louisville.’ Benefits from the project went to the One Louisville COVID-19 Response Fund…. Abrams performed a series of one-man pop-up shows … [and] offered personal 10-minute online ‘comfort concerts’ throughout the pandemic…. Abrams sees a city’s symphony orchestra being just as central to its identity as a sports team…. ‘Anybody that’s been to a concert recently that was really powerful knows why these institutions are so critically important.’ ”