“Six years ago, five friends from San Francisco Conservatory of Music—Sarah Bonomo, Georgeanne Banker, Emily Botel-Barnard, Sasha Launer, and Scott Padden … created One Found Sound, a conductorless chamber orchestra consisting mostly of young professional artists,” writes Jessica Balik in Tuesday’s (12/11) San Francisco Classical Voice. “On Friday evening at Heron Arts … gallery in San Francisco, the group performed ‘Divergence’ [featuring] two contemporary works and one Mozart symphony [No. 25].…. The first piece was Reena Esmail’s Teen Murti. Esmail is Indian-American, and she named this work for string orchestra after both the former residence of India’s first prime minister and a statue on this property…. By blending classical Indian and western music, Teen Murti easily fit with the theme of ‘diverging’ from norms…. Frank Martin’s Concerto for Seven Wind Instruments, Timpani, Percussion, and String Orchestra … highlighted the characteristics of each instrument, from a birdlike flute to the timpanist dramatically rolling across all four drum heads … It resonated with One Found Sounds’ serious commitment to giving every musician in the ensemble an equal voice…. It is so refreshing and inspiring to see and to hear this … professional ensemble … creating events that appeal to newer, younger audiences.”

Posted December 17, 2018