“The 55-year-old Stamford Symphony will now go by a new name: Orchestra Lumos,” writes Ignacio Laguarda in Thursday’s (5/18) Stamford Advocate (subscription required). “That’s the moniker chosen by symphony leadership to better illustrate the growing reach of the organization, which plans to increase its footprint to other parts of the county…. Russell Jones, president and CEO of Orchestra Lumos … said about half of the orchestra’s audience comes from outside of Stamford, and 75 percent of the funding originates outside city limits. With the goal of expansion in mind, orchestra directors and managers realized that keeping a Stamford-specific name no longer made sense. ‘We wanted something which was going to give us pride of place but not geographically specific to our one little corner of the area,’ said music director Michael Stern…. The new name went into effect Wednesday but that’s not the only change coming to the organization…. This season, they will play shows at a variety of venues … The traditional Palace Theatre shows will remain…. Orchestra Lumos was recently awarded a $75,000 Catalyst Fund Incubator Grant from the League of American Orchestras” to support its equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts.