Germany’s Kurt Weill Festival has “invited social media users to compose all-new orchestral pieces for a ‘Tweetfonie,’ ” according to an unsigned article at Agence France-Presse on Wednesday (1/22). “Melodies composed by music-lovers and budding composers from all over the world [may be] submitted via Twitter. The tunes, each limited to Twitter’s requisite 140 characters, will be selected and then arranged for a symphony orchestra in the eastern city of Dessau, which hosts the festival. The results will be given their world premiere by the Anhaltische Philharmonic Orchestra Dessau under its chief conductor Antony Hermus on March 3, as part of this year’s festival. Budding Mozarts will be able to submit their melodies via a specially designed website, which goes live from February 28, with an online keyboard that converts tunes into tweet format, to then be sent on Twitter. … The live performances of the orchestral versions of the tweets will be viewable online. This year’s Kurt Weill Festival … runs from February 22 until March 9. It will include more than 50 concerts, as well as films, exhibitions and lectures, at 17 different venues.”

Posted January 23, 2014