“Deborah Borda, president and chief executive of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, will take a four-month sabbatical to pursue a residency at the Harvard Kennedy School in Cambridge, Mass.,” writes David Ng in Monday’s (3/2) Los Angeles Times. “Borda’s sabbatical is expected to begin in September, when she will join the Center for Public Leadership as a Hauser leader-in-residence. The school said on Monday that Borda will engage with students and faculty in the area of cultural entrepreneurship. In addition, she will develop mentorship opportunities for students at the school and contribute to lectures and leadership development programming for the center’s more than 100 students. Borda said in a news release that the appointment ‘comes at an opportune time for me, as I pause to reflect on the exciting adventure of the past 15 years with the Los Angeles Philharmonic…. I look forward to returning refreshed and filled with new ideas as we prepare for the celebration of the L.A. Phil’s upcoming [2019] centennial.’ … Borda became the president and CEO of the L.A. Phil in 2000. She previously served as executive director of the New York Philharmonic and general manager of the San Francisco Symphony.”

Posted March 3, 2015