Students say listening to classical music helps them revise their work, according to a report from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

“Three quarters of students studying for their exams this year are listening to orchestral music to help them revise, according to new research from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra,” writes Steve Wright in Tuesday’s (5/24) BBC Music. “The research quizzed more than 250 students currently preparing for their exams. Of this cohort, 75% of them said that orchestral music was playing a role in helping them to revise. The survey comes on top of recent studies that have shown that orchestral music can boost mental energy and improve cognitive function, improve mood, and aid sleep and motivation. Of the different genres of orchestral music that students were listening to, film soundtracks featured at the top of the playlist. Of those who listened to music while studying, 44% said the likes of Hans Zimmer and John Williams were seeing them through their revision. Symphonies and concertos came next in the revision league tables, with 35% saying this was their favorite listening. Orchestral music from musicals (23%) and video games (32%) also proved popular revision aids. Separate research by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra found that four in five people aged under 25 said they relied on music during lockdown in 2021 to evoke calmness and well-being in their lives, while 88% said it inspired them and lifted their spirits.”