In Thursday’s (10/30) Bemidji Pioneer (Minnesota), Patt Rall profiles Beverly Everett as she heads into her tenth season as music director of the Bemidji Symphony Orchestra. “ ‘When I came to Bemidji for an interview, I just had a good feeling about the opportunities here,’ Everett said.… ‘We only had four concerts a year. We gradually added three more so now we play seven concerts per season.’ When Everett came here to the Bemidji Symphony Orchestra she used many of the techniques she learned along the way in her experience with different conductors and being an associate conductor herself. Everett knew she had a certain amount of charisma, the knowledge of what to do overseeing the orchestra, and she learned much about her players and they of her. But one of the learning experiences she lacked was working with a female conductor in a field dominated by men; she applied for and received a grant from the Region 2 Arts Council/McKnight Career Development Fellowship to do just that,” using the grant to work with JoAnn Falletta, music director of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and Virginia Symphony Orchestra. At the Bemidji Symphony, Everett says among her future plans are “to re-start the youth orchestra and focus on quality musicianship within the youth orchestra.”

Posted October 31, 2014