The Fayetteville Symphony and Music Director Stefan Sanders.

In Tuesday’s (5/21) Fayetteville Up and Coming Weekly (North Carolina), Sheila D. Barker writes, “The Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra has curated a thrilling season that [will] connect their music with audiences both inside and outside of the concert hall. The upcoming season promises to feature a diverse array of musical genres and showcase various sections of the orchestra. Along with six season concerts, the 2024-2025 lineup boasts an assortment of Community Concerts and additional Symphony on Tap dates…. Kicking off their season [in September], the FSO pays homage to the musical prowess of three British legends: Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Sir Elton John, and Sir Paul McCartney…. [In November], 20 skilled musicians from the Fayetteville Symphony gather to present a concert featuring Handel’s Water Music Suite…. 2025 will mark the 200th anniversary of Lafayette’s visit to Fayetteville … To pay homage to this remarkable occasion, the FSO have planned a chamber concert that will showcase compositions crafted by French composers…. [February brings] the world premiere of a brand-new composition by Ahmed Al Abaca, specially commissioned by the FSO…. Additionally, they will be presenting a new work by North Carolina composer Brittany J. Green, generously sponsored by the League of American Orchestras’ Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation Orchestral Commissions Program.” The article lists the orchestra’s complete upcoming season.