Musicians of Ohio’s Lima Symphony Orchestra.

“The Lima Symphony Orchestra and Chorus bring together two composers that have a legendary status of being one of the greatest musical rivalries,” reports Todd Cummins in Saturday’s (3/18) Your Hometown Stations (Lima, OH). “Way before Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, Jay Z, or Kayne West, there was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri, two 18th-century composers that wrote in Vienna at the same time…. The symphony orchestra brought them together on the same stage through their music [on March 18 and 19]…. Symphony officials say it has been good to see the crowds turn out for a variety of live music. ‘Recovering from the pandemic is still very much on our minds,’ says Elizabeth Brown-Ellis, executive director of the Lima Symphony Orchestra. ‘Everyone is … joyful to be out, but a lot of people have decided to be comfortable on their couches too. The season has been wonderful. We have had a lot of great, great concerts, a lot of diversity in our concerts…. We want people to come back to the concert hall. There is nothing like live music.’ ” The Lima Symphony Orchestra ends this season on April 15 with a concert featuring the music of John Williams.