“The future of WRR-FM (101.1), Dallas’ classical music station, is uncertain,” writes Tim Diovanni in Friday’s (5/13) Dallas Morning News. “In June, the Dallas City Council could decide to sell the city-owned station or transfer management over to KERA, North Texas’ public radio and TV operator. If KERA’s proposal were approved, it would be in charge starting in December.… If the station were sold, there’s no guarantee it would remain classical.… Under KERA’s proposal, WRR would be run by KERA, but owned by the city. WRR would remain a classical music station … for at least the next seven years. KERA’s proposal … still needs approval from City Council…. WRR is … a commercial classical station…. After eight years of WRR running a deficit, Dallas started looking last June for new management… WRR would transition to being non-commercial under KERA. This would allow it to be more sustainable, said Nico Leone, KERA’s president and CEO…. Members of The Friends of WRR … nonprofit … are concerned … that the city would sell the station if new management were unable to make WRR profitable. But a spokeswoman for KERA said … the station would remain classical.”