In Sunday’s (4/19) Miami Herald, Andres Viglucci and Rebecca Dellagloria report on the $154 million interactive concert hall, two-and-a-half-acre companion park, and parking garage that Frank Gehry is designing for the New World Symphony. “Construction on the centerpiece, Gehry’s concert hall, is under way, on time and on budget. But the rest of the grand vision is coming apart amid a fee dispute, political hand-wringing, and what some say is the architect’s obstinacy and others the city’s bush-league treatment of a genius. It all boils down to this: Frank Gehry doesn’t work cheap.” The city, balking at his fee, “asked the New World Symphony to get him to reduce his fee or replace him with a less-costly designer for the green space—in essence, to have the world’s most famous architect fired. … [Gehry] said Friday he is withdrawing from the park project. And he threatened to walk away from the project completely if city commissioners continue to harp on his fees, which he says they have exaggerated and misrepresented.”

Posted April 22, 2009

Image: Rendering of the New World Symphony’s new Campus East at night
Credit: Courtesy of New World Symphony