In Thursday’s (10/17) Chicago Tribune, Jeff Vorva interviews Carl Johnson, violinist with the Illinois Philharmonic. “The 59-year-old Tinley Park resident has toured the globe with countless orchestras and bands and has taught scores of students the art of playing that instrument. He is a member of the Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra, which kicks off its 36th season at 8 p.m. Saturday with a performance at Lincoln-Way North High School.… Lincoln-Way North has been hosting IPO’s concerts since 2008, and Johnston said he enjoys playing there. ‘I have friends and family watch and I have a lot of students who also come and watch,’ he said. ‘The students around here are exposed to this and that’s great for them.’ … He has a studio at home and also teaches at Music Connection in Orland Park. He has taught at numerous schools, including Sandburg High School and DePaul University. ‘I’ve always felt like this is what I was supposed to do,’ Johnston said. ‘It’s very spiritual for me. It was something in my soul. And I love teaching so much because I feel like it’s giving a gift back to the students. When I perform, I give it back to the audience.’ ”

Posted October 17, 2013