In Sunday’s (3/8) Dallas Morning News, Scott Cantrell writes about “the jet-set lives of the area’s highest-profile music directors. Their itineraries can elevate both their own careers and the status of their artistic hometowns, but also raise questions about stretching themselves too thin. … Some observers think the globe-trotting lifestyle has taken a toll on orchestras’ sustained discipline and tonal identities. And how can conductors be at their best when they’re racing from one podium to another, amid the mishaps of modern travel? The conductors say they’re refreshed by the variety of challenges. They bring home new ideas about sounds and approaches, not to mention new soloists they meet on the road. … And when a Dallas or Fort Worth music director appears with the Vienna State Opera or London Philharmonic, it reflects some glory back here.” Cantrell briefly profiles Miguel Harth-Bedoya, music director of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra; Jaap van Zweden, music director of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra; Graeme Jenkins, house conductor of the Dallas Opera; as well as Joe Illick, music director of the Fort Worth Opera; and discusses their frequent overseas engagements
Posted March 11, 2009

Photo: Jaap van Zweden
Credit: Marco Borggreve