In Sunday’s (3/22) News & Record (Greensboro, North Carolina), Dawn Decwikiel-Kane writes, “The Greensboro Symphony Orchestra has changed its April concert program to one less expensive to produce. … Many [arts groups] planned their 2008-09 seasons a year ago during better economic times. Now they present those shows—and plan next season—amid national declines in single-ticket sales, grants, endowments, sponsorships and donations that nonprofits count on to balance budgets. That’s left many arts groups with no other choice but to get creative on revising programming that can cut costs but keep audiences coming. … The Greensboro Symphony cut nearly $83,000 in expenses this season, president and CEO Lisa Crawford says. It changed the program for April concerts, for example, so that it doesn’t have to hire extra musicians. Instead of flying in a guest cellist, it will bring in a soprano from a place closer to home—Charlotte. More budget cuts are in store next season. The orchestra will play music either in its library or in the public domain, so it doesn’t have to pay rental fees that can run $1,200-$2,500.”
Posted March 24, 2009