In Monday’s (4/14) West Hartford News (Connecticut), Kathleen Schassler reports that the Hartford Symphony Orchestra will partner with the nonprofit Growing Great Schools for “A Culinary Symphony,” an April 26 fundraiser for GGS. “ ‘This is our first big fundraiser,’ said Susan Kamin, who handles public relations/community outreach for GGS. The group currently operates on a ‘shoestring’ budget and has mainly marketed the fundraiser to about 400 local families in town that already support GGS. The Hartford Symphony Orchestra first reached out to GGS about the idea and GGS saw that the fit was ideal.… ‘Chefs are given a piece of music in advance and are asked to create a dish based on it,’ Kamin explained.… After the meal, the Hartford Symphony Orchestra will perform ‘Playing with Food—Second Course,’ a concert that explores how food and music go together … Conductor Carolyn Kuan and HSO musicians, along with some of the best culinary artists in the Hartford area, will provide the secrets behind their unique dishes, which are inspired by the music performed during the evening.” The Hartford Symphony’s “Playing With Food” initiative is covered in the current issue of Symphony. Growing Great Schools’ mission is “to create healthier schools by connecting food, culture, health, and the environment.”

Posted April 16, 2014