In Monday’s (5/4) Honolulu Advertiser (Hawaii), Ruth Bingham writes about the Honolulu Symphony’s penultimate concert of the season. “Orchestra board representative Valerie Ossipoff introduced the evening with an unprecedented pre-concert appeal to the audience for financial assistance: ‘The Symphony musicians and staff have been working for nearly three months without pay,’ Ossipoff said. ‘Who else do you know who would do that? Ladies and gentlemen, this is our symphony, and they deserve our support.’ Ossipoff explained that the orchestra needs $2 million by the end of this month to fulfill its obligations to musicians and staff and to make the coming season possible. … During the past week, the campaign raised $100,000. ‘The musicians of this orchestra are an integral part of our community,’ Ossipoff said, citing their extensive community service and impact on music education throughout the Islands. ‘We ask that you give now and commit your support in the future.’ ” Bingham continues with a review of the program, which included music by Rachmaninoff, Rimsky-Korsakov, and Shostakovich, led by Vasily Petrenko.

Posted May 5, 2009