“With the allure of a beautiful Bradley Symphony Center, appealing programming and family-friendly activities, the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra has one prime focus in 2023: get more people back to the live performance,” writes Margaret Naczek in the Dec. 27 Milwaukee Business Journal. “The symphony’s executive director and president Mark Niehaus put it simply. ‘It’s going to be entirely about butts in seats because an empty seat is a completely missed opportunity,’ he said. ‘We’re not executing our mission because someone is not enjoying and being moved by the music, which is our mission to begin with, and it’s also a revenue loss by not having someone in a seat.’… One thing that the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra has not experienced like some of its counterparts in other cities has been a decline in its subscribers, which, Niehaus said, is the national trend across the performing arts industry. Niehaus believes that the newness of the Bradley Symphony Center is aiding the organization in maintaining its subscriber base…. People do not want to give up their seat in the new Bradley Symphony Center.”