Musicians of the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra in Texas.

“Lubbock Symphony Orchestra (LSO) and Lubbock Chamber of Orchestra (LCO) publicly announced the merger of the two organizations in a press release,” writes Tanya Nguyen in Thursday’s (4/6) Everything Lubbock (Texas). “ ‘The Lubbock Chamber Orchestra’s performances will fall under the new brand, Lubbock Chamber Music, with LSO’s established SOUND! chamber concerts,’ according to the press release from Lubbock Symphony. The Lubbock Chamber Orchestra is still under the direction of Dr. Eric Allen, and in July, LCO board member Amanda Khun will join the LSO board. Allen is the Artistic Director and Conductor of the Lubbock Chamber Orchestra … ‘We are delighted to expand our chamber concert offerings with the addition of the Lubbock Chamber Orchestra,’ said LSO CEO Galen Wixson … ‘We could not be more thrilled to be a part of the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra,’ said Allen …” An April 10 post in Musical America (subscription required) states, “All administrative functions will be handled by the LSO, whose 2023-24 budget is projected at about $2 million, covering nine orchestral concerts and four chamber performances. David Cho remains LSO music director with artistic oversight of the LCO, assisted by Allen. Many of the 70 LSO (professional) musicians played LCO concerts.”