“A new, ambitious plan to boost Ireland’s cultural creativity has been launched today by the Taoiseach [head of government], Enda Kenny,” writes Aoife Barry on Thursday (12/8) at thejournal.ie (Ireland). “Under the plan, Irish schoolchildren will have access to music tuition, communities will come together to create cultural plans, and Ireland’s ‘global reputation’ will be unified as it becomes a ‘global hub’ for film and TV production. The Creative Ireland programme … described as the Government’s legacy programme for Ireland 2016, is a five-year initiative running from 2017–2022.… The plan is built around five pillars: Enabling the creative potential of every child, enabling creativity in every community, investing in our creative and cultural infrastructure, Ireland as a centre of excellence in media production, and unifying our global reputation.… Under Creative Ireland, an annual County of Culture will be named each year from 2018…. The plan to enable all Irish school children to access tuition and participation in art, music, drama and coding will begin in September 2017. The plan will also see the Charter for Arts in Education being fast-tracked and resourced.”

Posted December 14, 2016