“As a classical music listener with a large iTunes library, I have long lamented the way iTunes manages this type of music,” writes Kirk McElhearn in Wednesday’s (9/21) Macworld. “iTunes considers every track to be a ‘song,’ and as classical music fans know, this isn’t always the case.… Apple has added some new tags to iTunes 12.5 in order to help users organize classical music. They are the Work (work name), Movement (movement number), and Name (movement name) tags. If you select one or more tracks in iTunes, then press Command-I, you can check Use Work and Movement to make these tags visible…. This is a big advance, but not without problems…. If you select a track and press Command-I, you won’t see the movement name any more…. Some purchased tracks, and some Apple Music tracks, also show these Work tags.… You can set these new tags… This tagging can be complex… Apple has made big strides … I just wish they were a bit easier to use and better thought out.”

Posted September 22, 2016