In Tuesday’s (9/23) Washington Post, Jessice Contrera writes, “The stunt was seven years ago, but no one will let him forget it. Hey, did you hear about the famous violinist who played in the Metro and no one paid attention? Yes, Joshua Bell must say. That was me. Technically, 27 people did stop the day The Washington Post asked the Grammy-winning violinist to don a baseball cap and pose as a street performer playing for change in the Metro. … Now, after being asked about it nearly every day since, Bell is bringing his violin back to the Metro. This time, on his own terms.  At 12:30 p.m. on Sept. 30, Bell will perform for 30 minutes in the main hall of Union Station. He’ll trade the baseball hat for a crisp black shirt, hidden cameras for media coverage and busy commuters for what he hopes will be a large and engaged audience there to hear a program of Mendelssohn and Bach. The goal, Bell says, is to promote music education (nine students he mentored through the National YoungArts Foundation will be accompanying him), his new album that debuts the same day and an upcoming HBO special.”

Posted September 25, 2014