In Sunday’s (2/22) Kansas City Star, Aaron Barnhart writes, “For Anna Garcia, the opportunity to perform for world-renowned trumpeter Alison Balsom was one she simply could not pass up. … The 22-year-old from St. Louis applied—and was one of three musicians selected—to take part in a master class with Balsom, the British trumpet sensation who is in town next weekend for three performances with the Kansas City Symphony. This is the first season the Symphony has offered public master classes. … Pairing a visiting musician with students, and inviting anyone to come and watch for free, is an ingenious way to combine educational outreach and marketing. Which is probably why several orchestras across the country have begun doing it. … Balsom is the third and final master class of this season; cellist Daniel Mueller-Schott and violinist Midori conducted the first two. … The two other students selected to perform for and be critiqued by Balsom are Kelcey Knoernschild, 18, a senior at Park Hill South High School; and Rachel Sneed, 19, a music education major at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville.”