In Sunday’s (2/8) Philadelphia Inquirer, Peter Dobrin reports, “With philanthropy down, endowment performance flagging, and ticket sales in important categories hurting, the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts is trimming its operating budget. In an attempt to stave off a deficit for the fiscal year ending June 30, the Kimmel has reduced its expected operating budget by about $3.4 million, to $36 million. The cuts are coming in the form of nips and tucks for now. A hiring freeze will keep seven positions unfilled. Musicians performing at the center are agreeing to lower fees. Cost-saving moves are being explored through sharing services among the center’s eight resident companies. … No cuts in programming, operating hours, existing staff or salaries are being instituted, said Anne Ewers, president and chief executive officer. … Rather than planning three or four months in advance, the center has put in place a monthly financial analysis to make changes as needed.” The Kimmel Center is the primary home of The Philadelphia Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia.