In Sunday’s (3/10) Lawton Constitution (Oklahoma), Elijah Morlett writes, “It takes a dedicated individual to be the sole person responsible for the day-to-day activities of the Lawton Philharmonic Orchestra. The orchestra board members searched for someone who could handle the business tasks, manage the all-volunteer personnel and reach out to the community—all with the goal of sharing the love of music. During Saturday’s concert at McMahon Memorial Auditorium, with 65 professional musicians on stage and hundreds of guests in attendance, the orchestra board announced that that person has been found. LPO Board President Jo Ann Knecht officially introduced Peggy Hightower as the new executive director. Hightower said ‘everyone has extended a warm welcome’ to her, making the transition to her new role ‘a pleasant one.’ She believes the position will provide a wonderful opportunity to serve and enrich the community. ‘I am honored and very excited to be joining the effort to provide culturally enriching experiences, as well as promoting and supporting music education within the community,’ Hightower said. ‘It’s important for the arts to be embraced by those from all walks of life.’ … Hightower said she has been learning many new things about the orchestra with the guidance given by Cathy Caccioppoli, the former executive director.”

Posted March 11, 2013