In an Associated Press article published on Tuesday (2/10) and picked up by the Washington Post, Detroit Free Press, Denver Post, Star-Tribune (Minneapolis), and Yahoo! News, among others, reporter Martin Steinberg writes, “The Soloist, the upcoming movie about a cellist who became homeless, has struck a chord with American orchestras. They are mobilizing to help feed the hungry. At least 163 orchestras in 45 states are expected to participate in food drives in late March, a month before the movie’s release on April 24, the League of American Orchestras said Tuesday. The Soloist is based on the true story about a schizophrenic Juilliard-trained cellist (portrayed by Jamie Foxx) who becomes homeless and is helped by a Los Angeles Times columnist (Robert Downey Jr.). ‘The story of The Soloist reminds us that classical music has the power to sustain spirits and change lives, even under the most difficult circumstances,’ said Jesse Rosen, president and CEO of the league, a national service organization for orchestras. The food will be distributed to local assistance organizations associated with the group Feeding America, which says its network provides food to more than 25 million Americans a year.” For a list of participating orchestras as of February 10, click here.

Photo of The Soloist: Francois Duhamel