Friday (1/30) on his ArtsJournal blog On the Record, Henry Fogel, Senior Advisor to the League of American Orchestras, writes, “That these are difficult economic times is hardly a news flash. … Although the League of American Orchestras, the organization that serves nearly 1,000 American orchestras, has not found the magic pill that will cure it, the League is providing some guidance for those who make decisions in orchestral organizations. The information provided by the League is important, and should be seen by the managers and board members of every orchestra in the land. … One critical piece is Good Governance in Challenging Times, a paper by League Chair Lowell Noteboom. … You can find Good Governance in the Knowledge Center section of the League’s website. … We have posted Guidance for Managing During Economic Downturns, prepared by League staff, faculty who led seminars during the post-9/11 downturn, and other knowledgeable sources. Also available is a new free webinar, Financial Management in Tough Economic Times. … While none of this material will immediately and easily solve any orchestra’s problems in coping with today’s economic environment, all of it will provide direction and wisdom.”