The Lima Symphony performs with Jeans n’ Classics in “Never Break the Chain – The Music of Fleetwood Mac.” Photo by Richard Parrish/The Lima News.

“The Lima Symphony Orchestra continues their tradition of ending the year with a little fun,” reports Todd Cummins in Saturday’s (12/31) Hometown Stations (OH). “The Canadian-based Jeans ‘n Classics joined the Symphony on stage for Never Break the Chain: The Music of Fleetwood Mac.’ Founder Peter Brennan started as a rock and roller but worked with classical musicians in the studio. But when he was asked to write an orchestra show in the early 90s, he lied and said he could do it, and after some trial-and-error Jeans and Classics was born. This is the sixth time they have worked with the Lima symphony and Brennan says the musicians understand one another.… ‘As we have gotten better and I have gotten better at doing the orchestral creations, orchestras also get to know us, to know how to dance together, says Jeans ‘n Classics Founder Peter Brennan.