“Timothy Andres is one busy Yale School of Music graduate student,” writes Yvonne Villarreal in Saturday’s (5/9) Los Angeles Times. “This 24-year-old is getting ready for the premiere of his chamber orchestra composition Tuesday night by the Los Angeles Philharmonic under the baton of John Adams. Andres arrived in Los Angeles on Friday to begin rehearsals at Walt Disney Concert Hall for the 12-minute piece, ‘Nightjar,’ commissioned for the L.A. Philharmonic as part of the Green Umbrella series. He’ll also be performing on piano his work ‘How Can I Live in Your World of Ideas?’ … Being a performer, Andres said, complements the writing process—a necessary relationship in his view. ‘They really sort of inform each other,’ he said. ‘Being a composer is no good on its own. You need this sort of other person or other skill to be able to give life to the music. I feel like the separation of those things is just this really weird disconnect that exists in the classical music world. But I feel as of late we’re sort of seeing that reversing.’ ”

Posted May 11, 2009