In Saturday’s (5/2) Times-Picayune (New Orleans), Hugh Long and Babs Mollere write an editorial about the effects of pending legislation. “We want to bring your attention to the very serious funding cuts for the arts currently before the Louisiana Legislature. The potential loss of this revenue for the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra and its vital performing arts partners, along with area arts councils who supply funding for school children to attend our concerts, is of grave concern. The LPO, the only full-time professional orchestra in the Gulf South, returned to New Orleans with a renewed commitment to serving the area’s recovery under the slogan Home-based in New Orleans, Serving the Region. We have lived up to that promise, offering music in a seven-parish area in theaters, schools, churches, synagogues, plantations, parks and neighborhood spaces. … The vitality, artistry and outreach of the LPO have never been greater. However, the challenges of the current economic environment are the gravest of our 19-year history. We urge the citizenry to support the restoration of arts funding by the Louisiana Legislature in its current session. Music is vital; please make your voice heard.” Long is the board president of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, and Mollere the orchestra’s managing director.

Posted May 4, 2009