A report in Friday’s (10/7) Courier-Journal (Louisville, Kentucky) states, “Musicians rejected a mediator’s contract proposal to help settle a bitter ongoing dispute with the Louisville Orchestra, orchestra officials say. Mediator Henri Mangeot presented both sides with a contract proposal Thursday that was ultimately accepted by the orchestra’s board and management, but rejected by the musicians and their union, according to a release from Louisville Orchestra. Orchestra officials say Mangeot’s proposed contract would have added nearly $1 million in pay and benefits for the musicians over the next five years, immediately increasing the number of salaried musicians from 50 to 54, and raising it to 55 musicians in years’ four and five of the contract.  ‘Although the mediator’s proposal goes beyond a cost level that we believe to be our reliable income, we became convinced this represents a compromise that both sides would have to make work,’ Louisville Orchestra board President, Chuck Maisch said. ‘Mayor (Greg) Fischer strongly urged us to consider this in order to reach a resolution that would restore the Louisville Orchestra for the community.’ Musician representatives hadn’t issued a statement as of Thursday night and couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.”

Posted October 7, 2011