“The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra vaccine campaign has drawn rave reviews,” reports Neelima Choahan in Monday’s (7/19) Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The orchestra’s YouTube video “has soaring musical performances, an opulent opera cast, exquisite ballet and even miming—and it’s all in a bid to encourage Australians to ‘play their part’ and get vaccinated. The video is one of the two new public health campaigns launched on Monday…. The art industry has been one of the worst-hit during the pandemic. Produced by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the video is in collaboration with … Arts Centre Melbourne, Melbourne Theatre Company and The Australian Ballet…. ‘We know it’s been hard stuck inside for COVID lockdowns, it’s been hard for us too. Performing at home just isn’t the same,’ performers say in the video…. The second video, produced by the Victorian Council to Social Service, features medical professionals and ordinary Victorians waiting to ‘get back to the good things,’ like weddings, junior sports and being able to visit their loved ones…. The MSO ad campaign urges Victorians to consult their GPs to clear any doubts they may have about getting vaccinated.”