In the July 16 Canberra Times (Australia) Greg Barns muses on the analogies between two “decidedly intellectual forms of human endeavour,” classical music and the sport of cricket. “In both there is a deep ebb and flow and a structure which bears scrutiny in any age.” With reference to Mahler’s Fifth Symphony and certain key players in a recent cricket match between England and Australia, he writes, “The batting of Ponting, North, Clarke and Petersen, elegant and powerful at once, dancing to the playful melodies of the opening of the fourth movement, before it turns dark. Australia’s crushing of England as it went about clinically assembling its lead was the despairing moment for the latter, much like the second movement. And the tension of England’s last-day fightback left one wondering and feeling drained, just as the final movement of Mahler’s Fifth has no resolution, leaving the listener drained emotionally.”

Posted July 16, 2009